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Step With You
Mentoring Program

ABOUT: Next Step Up’s “Step With You”  provides individual and group mentoring.  The mentoring program facilitates weekly mentor-mentee contact, and monthly group activities that facilitate bonding. Mentors are responsible for contacting the mentees at least once a week for one hour and/or  whenever they are needed; mentors ensure that the student reaches their true potential. The mentoring program hosts organized group activities once a month to promote engagement and socialization between the mentor and mentee. The ultimate goal is to foster healthy relationships with a trusted individual that empowers students to pursue their dreams and ambitions.  


Mentor Application

Mentor local youth and change a life. Sign up today!


Mentee Application

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How to Join


  • You must be a student of Booker T. Washington High School or Notasulga High School

  • All grades of students are welcome (9-12)

  • Demonstrate a desire for a mentor

  • You must be willing to meet with your mentor at least once a month 

  • You must be in contact with your mentor at least once a week 

  • You must engage in the monthly activities planned for the semester 

  • You must complete a mentee-mentor application SEE BELOW


  • Student Eligibility:

    • Be a student of Tuskegee University, all majors are welcome. 

    • GPA 2.5 or higher

    • You must engage in the monthly activities planned for the semester 

    • Be committed to the program for the entire semester. 

    • Be honest, respectful and model integrity. Have a positive and engaging attitude. 

    • Must complete mentee-mentor application and pass a background check

  • Community Member Eligibility: come back to this

    • Must be between age 18-27 and pass a background check

    • Have at least a high school diploma or equivalent

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